Minuta – Torre Dello Ziro


This is a pleasant walk through the history and the views of Scala.
In the small square of Minuta, which is not far from the road, we visit the SS.Annunziata Church that dates back to the 11th century.
This church is one of the few examples of the Romanesque architecture of the Amalfi Coast and is considered by Prof. Chierici, “as the most beautiful medieval church of the Campania Region”.

Going down the old stairs, that link Minuta to the hamlet of Pontone, we will stop to visit the ruins of the Church of Sant’Eustachio, built in the first half of the 12th Century, of which remain the impressive ruins of the apse and stump columns with marble capitals that divided the church in three naves.

Admiring these architectural beauties, one’s sight is captured by the view dominated by Amalfi and Atrani and the green colour of the Mount Pontone, where the Torre dello Ziro stands out.
We arrive shortly after in the medieval square of Pontone, where we take a short break before setting off again on our walk.
Going up a pleasant path, amid the vegetation of the Mount Pontone, we arrive at the viewpoint, where we discover the immense scenery of the Gulf of Salerno from way above the Amalfi Coast.

We return on the same path, to then go towards the Torre dello Ziro, which used to be a place, to spot from afar, the Saracen fleets that were approaching from the sea, symbol of the troubled history of the Grand Duchy of Amalfi. Here in the early 1500, Giovanna D’Aragona, known as “the madwoman”, widow
of Alfonso Piccolomini, Duke of Amalfi, was locked up, and then killed, together with her children.

We end our walk going back to the hamlet of Pontone.
The excursion starts in Minuta and finishes in Pontone, both hamlets of Scala. It lasts about 3 hours and is recommended to all people.
The length of the excursion may vary depending on the needs and the will of the hikers, in accordance with the guide.

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