The Ferriere Valley


This is a unique place of the Amalfi Coast and belongs to the municipality of Scala.
It is situated in a wide, deep valley on the border between Amalfi and Agerola, where streams and sea breeze have created a subtropical microclimate which has become the exclusive habitat of a gigantic fern, which goes back to the Cenozoic era, the Woodwardia radicans, symbol of the Valley.

Inside the nature reserve, thanks to the waterfalls and the water courses, you find yourself in a cool environment and pleasant during the summer months.
In the nature reserve, besides the gigantic fern, there is also the small carnivorous plant, the Pinguicula hirtiflora, almost in extinction, and if you are lucky, you can also encounter the small spectacled salamander. The excursion starts in the Campidoglio hamlet, the highest inhabited place of Scala.

We go ahead observing the splendid views of Punta d’Aglio, proceeding along the CAI 57 footpath (The Italian Alpine Club), that overlooks the deep valley, the hamlet of Pontone and the high ridge Pogerola, a hamlet of Amalfi, that closes inside The Ferriere Valley Nature Reserve, until arriving below the Mount Castello, in the Pellagra area. We find ourselves amongst steep pastures, sparse vegetation and overhanging cliffs.
We are always more enticed by the sound of running water as we arrive on the overlying part of The Ferriere Valley, the Fic’a Noce area.

Fording the Canneto torrent we go towards the path that takes us inside the Nature Reserve where, among the innumerable waterfalls and streams, we can admire the gigantic fern, symbol of the Reserve. After a break we continue our route to Amalfi, gazing upon, the splendour of the ancient ironworks of the Amalfi Republic and the numerous papermills. The excursion continues down to the centre of Amalfi, whilst inhaling the scent of the lemon groves.
Once having crossed the Mulini Valley, we pass in front of the beautiful cathedral of Amalfi, going as far down, as actually admiring, the wonderful sea,
that up to that moment, had just been the background scenery of the path that leads from the Valley of the Ferriere. The excursion has two routes.
One is more panoramic, of medium difficulty, starting from Campidoglio and lasts about 4-5 hours. The other starts in Pontone, is suitable for all people and
lasts about 3-4 hours.

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