Hiking at Dawn


This is a unique and fantastic experience. We set off on one of the most panoramic places in Scala, which is 600 metres above sea level and is just
an hour from the normal roadway. When the first rays of sun brighten our footpaths and it becomes day, you get a breathtaking view, that embraces not only the whole Coast of Amalfi, but also an important part of the Gulf of Salerno.

After this charming spectacle of dawn, the excursion continues through the hamlets of Scala, immersed in a panorama surrounded by woods, chestnut groves, lemon groves and finally the beach and the sea. This excursion, is suitable to all people, begins an hour before dawn and it depends on the months in which
it is carried out.

It starts off from the hamlet of Campidoglio and lasts 3 hours

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